368 Results for Cookie Jars


Cookie Jar collectors should be delighted.  Whether you are a collector of new, antique, eclectic or vintage cookie jars, this could be the most wonderful hidden treasure trove around.  Many of you collectors have found your precious pottery  and jars on Ebay, but did you know that Etsy offers a vintage category and it is so easy to find what you want.

Typically known as the place to go for all of your handcrafted needs, they have so much more to offer!

I love the format of Etsy.  I have been a seller on Etsy since the year it launched.  I opened my Rustique Art Etsy shop in June of 2005 and although I didn’t do much with it the first couple of years, I have since opened two more shops and enjoy creating, designing and hunting for the most wonderful treasures on Etsy.

Many have been dazed and confused as you’ve entered into the vast and endless continuum of Ebay and frankly I would do anything not to shop there.  Seriously, I don’t find it user friendly and I would compare shopping there as to cleaning my garage.  No fun!  Where do you begin and please tie a rope around my waste in case you loose me in the process.

But seriously…here’s how easy shopping with Etsy can be…

Type in http://www.etsy.com

If you have never shopped there before, you don’t have to register for an account, but you might as well because you will want to come back and you will always find something you want.  And it’s FREE!!!!  There you go…I typed the magic words!

If you need help with registering there is a tutorial….but no need, it’s really that simple! here’s the link to register: https://www.etsy.com/register.php

Then at the top of your page you will see the search window next to the category window.  Use the pull down and select “vintage” then type in cookie jars.

Viola!  Eazy Peazy….beautiful clear pictures in a gallery or list  format waiting for you to browse.  I prefer the gallery and you can select the view option right above the shown results.  You can even define the results just below your view selection in  pull down.   I prefer to sort by:   Price: High to low.

Of course you will see my cute little shop…muggsyandmae as well as many other wonderful vintage/antique/funk & junk shops.

Here’s some samples of what you will find at Muggsey & Mae…

MuggseyMae SQ Collage

Happy shopping,


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