Collecting Antique Cookie Jars

Everyone I know collects something…many collect more than one something.  Like me, I collect snowmen, books, beads and at one time I collected lovely antique cookie jars.  I have probably over 40 now and at one time more.   I’ve given some away as gifts, I’ve broken some, *sob* displayed them and boxed them up.   Like everything in life, it has a season.  I’m ready to move out of that season and move these treasures out of my house.  Oh, I will keep a few…some are very cherished and will be kept until I leave the earth, then they will go to one of my children.  However, most of them I can and will part with.

The story behind my collecting cookie jars began way back when I was expecting my first child.  Almost thirty two years ago, being so big in the belly, I had to bend over while standing up, just to tie my shoes.  It was while I was in that strange position that I spotted my first cookie jar.  It was a duck and I later on found out that this duck, who I’ve dubbed Mae, was made by Hull Pottery.  Behind Mae was another find and thus my second addition to my collection.   Muggsy, an adorable little dog with the sweetest face, was made by Shawnee.  Those two I will never part with.  They were from my grandmother’s kitchen and although she had all but forgotten about them and had relinquished them to the depths of the second self on her microwave stand, I had miraculously found them.  And to think…it was all because of my huge belly!!

Time went on and I began collecting more cookie jars over the years.  However, the first two were my favorites.  I love flea markets and antique stores and our family traveled to different states quite a bit.  I would usually return home from any vacation with a cookie jar.  Always excited to get it home, wash it up and display it until my next jar hunt.  I love dishes too and just about anything that looks old, rustic and eclectic.  You can imagine how my closets must look….thirty two years of collecting!

Since Etsy so kindly allows vintage items to be sold on their site, I took a bold step and set up my second Etsy shop and named it….”Muggsey & Mae”  It was a logical choice…right?  That was a year ago….and today I am just now to the point that I can put my cookie jars in my shop.  Am I sad?  No….not sad, however it is very difficult to put a value on things that you have loved and cherished.  It’s a daunting, time consuming task….wash, dry, photograph and research.  I feel it’s my responsibility to enlighten and educate those that just want to look at or buy my cookie jars.  Wouldn’t you want to know the history of an item if it had one?

So that’s where we are….my jars and me!   In a wonderful reunion of memories.  This will take days, weeks and months to get these lovelies on the site….but I want to share them with you before they find new homes.

I’ll begin with her….this sweet little bear.  You think she’s the one that stole the cookie from the cookie jar?

American Bisque Girl Bear Cookie Jar

I don’t know…He’s the one licking his lips!

Brush Smiling Rabbit Cookie Jar

Both of these beautiful vintage cookie jars will be on display with details and available for purchase at Muggsey & Mae!


2 thoughts on “Collecting Antique Cookie Jars

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  2. A question from my email contact page:
    I believe I have a smiling rabbit like on your page It says W25 on the bottom could you tell me what it is worth? thank you

    Hi Kathy,
    It’s hard to say, a lot depends on condition and I am not an appraiser. The vintage cookie jar “Smiley Chef Rabbit” is a Brush cookie jar and if yours has the mark W25 which was associated with Twin Winton who design several jars for Brush, then it sounds like you have one too. There were different colors produced however; a white one and gray one like mine. I get most of my information from the internet just doing Google searches, but if you really want or need a value for selling or insurance then you will need to contact an appraiser to look at your jar.

    Below is the description and information I have gathered for the jar that I am selling on Etsy;

    Brush Pottery Co. at one time was partnered with McCoy in Ohio until 1925. After which Brush Pottery Co. continued to make wonderful designs and were known for their well made, heavy pottery with beautiful colors. Many Brush cookie jars as with this design, were sculpted by Don Winton of Twin Winton. Distinctive marks are found as “W25 USA” on bottom of jars. Brush Cookie Jars will add character, charm and whimsy to any pottery collection

    Beautiful bright colors, no fading and very clean. Very detailed with great definition. Airbrush painting technique and heat glazed, it still retains luster and shine. No cold painting on this jar. There is a small chip in the lid of this jar, found on the bottom right, as seen in the 4th picture. Also found on top of chefs hat is a glaze crack from age. There is some crazing from age, that’s to be expected with vintage glazes.

    This precious bowl licking bunny is indeed marked with
    “W 25 USA” stamped on bottom , a trademark of Brush Pottery designed by Winton. Mark is very faint and hard to see in picture. Will try to get a better shot to show impression.

    Brush Pottery Co. made more than one variety of “Smiling Chef Bunny” one is white and the other like the featured listing is gray with cream chefs hat, aqua neck sash, yellow bowl and aqua spoon. Both are large in size.

    Condition – Excellent with two minor flaws
    Size – 13″height x 9.5″ width x 9″ depth (bowl to tail)
    Weight – 6.2lbs [shipping weight will be more with packing]
    Colors – Gray,Cream, Rose Pink, Aqua, Black

    You can find a ton of info about vintage cookie jars on…great source and then obviously the specific sites for the companies. Just Google Brush Pottery Co and you will have at least a days worth of reading…so many rabbit holes to follow too.

    Hope this helped you…please share what you find out too. I would love to hear.

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