Apple Cookie Jar by Hull Pottery

Fall has arrived and with it comes cooler weather, festivals and fall food. Apples! Love them…in pies, cobblers, with caramel or just cut up and easy to grab for a quick snack. This sweet little apple shown below has other attributes far better than you apple off the tree. This one can be filled with fresh baked cookies!

Hope you enjoy the wonderful fall days to come. Get out and stroll through those abundant outdoor flea markets, yard sales and estate sales. Maybe you’ll find an awesome cookie jar or two…if not you can purchase this one. See purchase details below.

Apple Cookie Jar by Hull Pottery circa 1950’s and is from my private collection. This sweet jar has been in our collection for over 20 years.

The lid has one hairline crack and the paint is showing some slight wearing.

Condition: Good
Size: 8.75″ tall x 8.5″ wide
Weight: 4lbs

This lovely cookie jar is available at Muggsey & Mae Etsy Shop.


One thought on “Apple Cookie Jar by Hull Pottery

  1. I have what looks to be the exact same cookie jar. The only mark on the bottom is two small paint brush strokes (i think) possibly an eleven but not the same length. Made with green paint.

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