Smiling Clock Face Vintage Cookie Jar by Sierra Vista

It’s that time of year again; a new year and new beginning, a fresh start, a clean slate…
This is usually the time that people love to set goals and declare resolutions, only later to forget about them and then slip into the same old rut as the year before.

Sounds really gloomy and negative, doesn’t it?  But it’s true just the same.  So my solution to falling off the wagon, is to not set goals for myself that I know can’t or won’t be kept.   Like keeping up with this blog for instance.  Instead of setting a standard that I know I won’t always follow, I will cut myself some slack and get to it when I can.  I call this lining up my priorities.  This blog being a lower priority than other things on my to-do list.

I’ve come to realize that selling my cookie jars is not at the top of my list either.  In fact the only reason I see to continue down this blog path is to keep a catalog of the vintage pieces I have and open doors to others who collect vintage dishes and cookie jars too.

With that said; I’ll sign off with this…

Happy New Year to you…may all your dreams come true.

Like finding that perfect vintage jar that you’ve been searching for…or that elusive saucer to complete your vintage tablescape.

Or maybe a rare and odd find like the photo above…I’ve never seen another quite like it.  So until someone sets me straight I’ll claim that it’s rare.  It use to creep me out a bit, it sort of looks mean, but then it begins to grow on you.  Not really sure of it’s proper name so I call it the “Smiling Clock Face” by Sierra Vista.

It works for me! This vintage jar is listed for sale in the Muggsey & Mae Vintage Collectibles shop.  There are several photos there for the 360 viewing.  It’s in mint condition and perfectly happy to stay with me until someone else finds it.


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