Lucky Pig

This is an excerpt from a previous post.  See the original and complete post HERE.

Are you supposed to wish someone a happy St. Patrick’s Day even if your not Irish?
it’s possible that there is a drip of Irish blood in me…that’s what was overheard in my youth, but it’s never been confirmed.

So there’s not much excited around our home on this “lucky” day.

But I do love the color green and use it in my home decor throughout the year.
like this sweet little vintage cookie jar that has always been found on top of the china hutch whenever the month of March blows in.

His name is Smiley, but we call him Clover Pig and he was made by Shawnee and he is every bit as cute as you see here. In fact if you wish to have one of your very own you can find him here.

This lovely frosted depression glass/vase in a fresh spring green seems to always have a use in our home…not just on this day but all through the spring and summer seasons.

daisies look divine in it.

fill it with sand and sink a tea light candle…light and enjoy the warm glow.